Back Decompressor

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Do you have back pain?

Here at the TikMarket™ we know all too well about back pain, lucky for you we are what you call back pain experts. We are here to help! Eliminate back pain with this device.

Our Design!

After studying back pain we discovered an acupuncture design. This design has 96 acupuncture points to increase circulation. This increased circulation helps relieve the tension your back produces throughout your busy day. Give your back a break!

It's All About Tension! 

Laying your back on this decompression device stretches your lumbar back, and massages your sciatica nerve. All that tension you carry gets decompressed. It massages deep into your back muscles to really looses it up. All in your own home!

2 in 1 Feature

Not only can you place this on the floor, but you can place this on your chair, driver's seat, and really just any seat with a backrest. This will make those long hours of sitting down go bye!

3 Levels All In One!

Level 1: This level lightly decompresses your back for that gentle back massage you need.

Level 2: This level stretches your back and really gets into your sciatica nerve. The higher the level the more of a decompression you get!

Level 3: This is the Level with MAXIMUM decompression. This level fully decompresses your back reaching from your upper all the way down to your lumbar back muscles, and your sciatica nerve for maximum Pain Relieve.

Great Gift

This is a great gift idea for anyone, even for people that don't have back pain. Not only does this help back pain, this gives you a sense of relaxation and an unwinding of a busy day!