SleepBand - Bluetooth Sleep Headphones

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Enjoy a deeper, more comfortable sleep!

Normal headphones are NOT comfortable to wear all night -and have been proven to cause severe damage to your ears over time.

The SleepBand is designed with ultra soft breathable cotton & thin noise cancelling speakers for unmatched comfort & an immersive audio experience.

Enjoy your favorite calming audio at night, block out any disturbing noise or snoring & shield your eyes from any light.. sleep will never be the same.

Why Use SleepBand?

Sleep Better, Wake Up More Refreshed & Energized:

Blocking external light & sound is the secret to a great nights sleep.

Darkness produces melatonin and and sends you in to a deeper sleep.

Listening to calming audio Is proven to help you fall asleep faster.

SleepBand has helped thousands improve their sleep habits on the first use! 

Built With Ultra Soft, Breathable Materials:

SleepBand is made with a lightweight polyester & cotton blend that feels so comfortable you'll forget you're even wearing it.

The breathable, cooling fabrics stay cool all night. 

The built-in speakers are extremely thin and won't cause any discomfort.

 Premium Sound Quality & Exceptional Battery Life:

SleepBand uses thin Hi-Fi speakers to create an immersive audio experience that's perfect for music, ambient noise, ASMR and podcasts.

Easily connect to any bluetooth device in seconds.

The battery charges quickly via micro USB & playback lasts over 10 hours!

100% Machine Washable & Dryer Safe

Headphones are easily removable to machine or hand wash the SleepBand!

Multiple Uses Outside Of The Bedroom

SleepBand is also great for traveling, gym sessions, yoga routines, meditations, even just wearing around the house with your favorite tunes!

These will become your new favorite headphones for all occasions 😉 

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